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Our prices are amongst the most competitive for Spanish Tuition in Quetzaltenango.

Take a browse through our following options and then get in touch with us by filling in the form below…

One on OneOne on TwoOnlineDELE PreparationSpecific Areas (Medical, Law etc)
25HrsQ900/$120Q1400/$191Q900/$120 weekQ1250/$167Q900/$120
20HrsQ760/$100Q1200/$163Q760/$100 weekQ1000/$134Q760/$100
15Hrs*Q570/$76Q900/$123Q570/$76 weekQ60ph/$8Q570/$76
9Hrs or less*Q50ph/$7Q75ph/$10Q50ph/$7Q65ph/$9Q50ph/$7

*Today's rate = 1 USD ~ Q7.5

**Rate subject to change

*All our prices include worksheets, photocopies, activities and excursions (entrance fee and transportation cost  are not included), the use of our computers, wifi, kitchen facilities, purified water, coffee, tea and snacks during breaks.

Using western union under the name:
Name: Sary Muñoz
ID: I-9104812
Address: Quetzaltenango

Using online payment (Visa, Mastercard or American Express):
The cost of this service is 7.5 % extra from your payment so if you are paying your tuition through this media remember that you have to add the 7.5 % fee otherwise it will be substracted from your current payment.

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