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You probably have some questions about our school, Miguel de Cervantes and your attendance here. Here are a lot of frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions feel free to contact us via e-mail or telephone.

  1. Why should I stay with a family?

    If your reason for coming to Guatemala is to improve your Spanish-speaking skills, then it is important to stay with a family. You will get lots of practice speaking Spanish with your family members. It is common for students to be invited on family excursions to the market or elsewhere. If it is practice you want with speaking Spanish, as well as home-cooked meals, warm showers, and your own rooms…why not stay with a family. Staying with a family is also a money saver.

  2. Who gets the additional money when a student stays with a family?

    All money in addition to the language courses goes to the family.

  3. Will I have privacy if I stay with a family?

    Of course you will have privacy. The families are asked to provide you with your own private room, your own private keys (one for your room and one for the outside door), a desk with a lamp in your room (for studying), and three different meals a day. Your family should provide warm water, a clean bathroom, and purified water for drinking. We evaluate our families in order to ensure they are meeting our requests. We also assure you that all our families live in safe neighborhoods.

  4. Can more than one student stay with a family?

    It is our general policy to place all students traveling alone with their own family. This way the student is surrounded by Spanish in the school and the household. However, couples or families are more than welcome to stay together. Let us know if you need any special requests or preferences with a home stay. During the high season families closest to the school will have more than one student staying in there house due to the many requests to stay close to the school.

  5. What if I’m vegetarian?

    We have the capability to set the student up with a family that is able to cook based upon the students’ dietary needs, whether the person has allergies, is lactose intolerant, or has chosen the vegetarian lifestyle.

  6. What if I arrive a few days early for classes?

    We can set you up with your family a few days early, given proper notice. You will need to pay a few dollars a day for this arrangement, which will all go to the family. We can also give you space in our guesthouse connected to the school. We can help you find a hotel or hostel within your financial means, as well.

  7. How do I register for classes?

    You should tell us in advance so we can make space for you. You do not need to pay in advance, but when is a busy season, we do have a registration fee which assures you a spot in the school. This fee is not part of your payment tuituion.

  8. When do I pay for classes…and how much are they?

    You pay for your class on your first day of class or if you are abroad, you must register.

    You pay for the entire week (or more if you want). Once you give the money, we will not refund it for that week since we need to pay the family and the teacher for the week of work or stay. We accept U.S. currency, and Guatemalan Quetzales. We can accept credit cards however there an extra fee of 7.5% of the total amount paid. You must get permission from the school first before paying your tuition by credit card. Once you have permission you can pay using this Tuition Payment Form Also, it is easy to get a cash advance on a VISA card or to take out money from a check or debit card at a bank near Parque Central (located a block away from the school).

  9. What if I miss my class?

    If you did not inform us  at least 24 hours in advance that you will not be able to attend your lesson, you will be charged for that lesson. Otherwise you should  give us a phone call as soon as possible since an email is not as fast sometimes. That way we can tell your teacher not to come to the school and he/she can make other plans.

    Only in the case, that your teacher was informed previosly that you will not be coming to class, you will not be charged for the lesson and you both can reschedule the lesson.

  10. Do I have internet access?

    We provide free internet access, wifi, to all our students and guests.

  11. Who owns and runs the school? And what does my money go towards?

    Sary Muñoz is the owner of the school. Half of the tuition fee goes to the teacher, the other half goes to the school and it expenses.

  12. Can I contact former students?

    Yes, feel free to contact former students. Contact us first, and we will send you a few e-mails of former students. We do not publicize the e-mail addresses of our former students for obvious reasons.

  13. Can I obtain college/university credit?

    We are working on this options. Currently we suggest that you work through your university on an independent study program. We can provide you with documents showing what you have learned here at the school along with a diploma when you finish.

  14. How do I get to the school? Xela? Guatemala?

    If you would like someone to pick you up at the airport, our agent Raquel in Guatemala city can take care of you. She speaks english. She can pick you up and take you to the bus station or accommodate you for the night and take you to the bus station the next morning.

    Raquel Gressy de López
    Avenida Elena C 15-59 zona 1, Guatemala.
    +(502) 5307-8336

    - Transportation from the airport to the bus station (1st. class), bus ticket not included $20 per person. For two or more people $15 each.
    - Accommodation for the night includes transportation from the airport to the guest house, dinner, breakfast and transportation the following morning from the guest house to the bus station (1st. class). Bus ticket not included $35

    These services have an extra cost of  $5 if your flight arrives after 9pm.

    In case you missed a connection or your flight arrives later or earlier than expected, we need to be notified as soon as possible.

    Miguel de Cervantes School of Spanish
    Tels: +(502) 5688-4694
    Email: Tels: xelacervantes@gmail.com

    Raquel Gressy
    Tels: +(502) 5307-8336