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Guatemala's Minimap icon2 The Miguel de Cervantes School of Spanish is located in Quetzaltenango, which is also known as Xela, in Guatemala and specializes in teaching Spanish to those who wish to learn in a stimulating environment at very reasonable rates.
avatar icon Our instructors are certified and very experienced in teaching the Spanish language so if you’re looking for an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience, why not read more about the Miguel de Cervantes School of Spanish.




Manuel y Teresa López profile photo

Muchas gracias por una estancia tan agradable aquí en el Instituto Miguel Cervantes. Everyone was wonderful- we felt like part of a family. We will always remember our time here with fondness. If you are ever in New Mexico- please visit us. Es su casa. Abrazos.

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Steve Hinkeldey profile photo

Okay, so where is the bell? It feels strange to leave. The first week or so was hard, but then this place felt like home. Now I have to leave again! But I am sure I will be back. Good Bless!

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Judy Ruch profile photo

I have truly loved my stay here at Miguel de Cevantes School. It has proven to me the world can be one big wonderful family. All the teachers are great especially mine – Thanks Christian. And thanks to Sary, Robert, Ilsy y Nohemi for making it feel like home. Sary, you are great!

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Kelly Presson profile photo

So when I entered the school I was tired traveler- Sary was at the door with a bright smile and a warm welcome. – The school was such a friendly warm place to stay that my “I am only going to stay one night in Xela turned into 8 days”. I loved every minute of being in the school. Thanks for such a great week to all whom I have met and especially Sary and staff.

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Justin Trahant profile photo

I suppose no one truly knows where this crazy journey will take no one…But no one is upset when some one comes along and its not just anyone. Usually some one ends up being the right one… and Sary is truly someone. To Sary and all my new family: Thank you so much for all the love you poured into my life. Te quiero mucho!!

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Yessica Klapecki profile photo

I was only able to stay in Xela if or a short while. But the Miguel de Cervantes Spanish School will be one of my fondest memories of Xela. I attended Spanish classes for a few days, and now I will go out to the rest of Central America and practice what I have learned. Thank you for the experience!!

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Beatrix Gross profile photo

Querida Sary, Ana, Nohemi, Ilsy Aprendi muchisimo de ustedes. Ahora tengo una historia que voy a contar en mi país Suiza. Sería una historia muy hermosa, una historia de mujeres fuertes de Guatemala para mujeres fuertes en Suiza. Muchas gracias por su amistad.

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Tania Marteel profile photo

I am so happy that I came on this trip and to this school! All the people in the school are lovely, but I feel extra extra fortunate to have had Leticia as my teacher. The hours I spent with her were all very happy and interesting and fun. It was all pure pleasure to be with her. I hope she enjoyed all the walking around and constant chatting also. Just what I needed and wanted. The excursions were good smooth, in terms of the going and coming. Thank you for the pleasant experience and good care. I will give you good recommendations!!

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Email: xelacervantes@gmail.com

Phone: (502) 5688-4694

Address: 6ª Calle “A” 0-142 zona 4 Colonia CERES R.L.

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How to find us

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